Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rich in GOLD.. but never got GOLD

The Philippine Government should not have any reasons not to join / support the Olympic games...... but these are few reasons why we should join:

1. Because we have plenty of water

"Because the rower from Niger was competing in the Olympics despite the fact that he only took up the sport three months ago, his home country doesn't have a single rowing boat and is mostly desert. Yes, he came in last. But he also got one of the biggest cheers of the day."

2. Because we are 92 million in population

Montenegro secure first Olympic medal

"It's amazing this success for a country of 600,000 people. It's historic, something we'll never forget," 

3. Because we have plenty of physically capable athletes

"if Pistorius can compete in the Olympics with no legs, then I should be able to overcome the adversity that I have."

4. Because we have plenty of female athletes

"Because in spite of the fact she pulled up injured within the first few steps of her 100m preliminary round, Qatar's first ever female Olympic athlete broke down barriers - as did Sarah Attar and Wojdan Shaherkani, Saudi Arabia's first ever female Olympians. They may not have won, but they made history."

5. Because we are a nation

All they know about Filipinos is about domestic helpers and monkeys. Isn't this a chance to tell them that we are not?


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