Thursday, September 9, 2010

stir-fry noodles


1. minced garlic
2. minced ginger
3. onions
4. onion spring
5. mushroom
6. carrots
7. snow peas
8. cabbage
9. celery
10. green bell pepper
11. chicken
12. soy sauce
13. oyster sauce
14. worcestershire sauce
15. black pepper powder
16. salt


1. Boil water and add some salt
2. Cook the noodles for three minutes or until it is "al dente"
3. Drain the water
4. On a separate pan/wok, heat oil
5. Add the garlic and after 3 seconds add the ginger
6. Add the onions
7. Add the chicken
8. Let the chicken tender and stir from time to time
9. Add the carrots, bell pepper, mushroom, snow peas and celery
10. Stir
11. Add the pepper powder, soy sauce, oyster sauce and the worcestershire sauce
12. Stir well
13. Heat for a few minutes until the vegetables are done
14. Mix the noodles and the cabbage
15. Stir well until noodles are full mixed with the sauce and cabbage is cooked
16. Add the onion spring and serve

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