Thursday, September 9, 2010

chicken curry


1. sliced garlic
2. onions
3. salt
4. coconut milk
5. curry powder
6. black pepper powder
7. chili powder (optional)
8. chicken
9. basil leaves
10. coriander leaves


1. heat oil in a pan
2. add garlic and after 3 seconds add the onions and stir
3. add the chicken
4. stir until the chicken until it becomes stale (or pale)
5. add the curry powder and coriander powder and stir
6. add the black pepper and chili powder (optional) and stir well
7. add some salt to taste
8. let it heat for a few moments until you smell the curry
9. add the coconut milk
10. add the coriander leaves and basil leaves then stir
11. let it boil until chicken is cooked or until sauce becomes thick
12. serve

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