Thursday, September 9, 2010

chicken biryani


1. garlic
2. onions
3. tomatoes
4. coriander leaves
5. biryani masala
6. coconut milk
7. basmati rice
8. salt
9. olive oil
10. black pepper powder

Step A:

1. soak rice on water for 30 minutes
2. boil water and add some salt and oil (make sure the salt is enough to taste and there is enough water to cover the rice)
3. add the rice in the boiling water
4. watch carefully until the rice is 50%-75% cooked (don't let it dry)
5. drain the rice

Step B:

1. heat oil in a pan
2. add the garlic and after 3 seconds add the onions and stir
3. add the chicken and stir
3. add plenty of tomatoes
4. stir from time to time until tomatoes creates a paste and chicken is half cooked
5. add biryani powder
6. add pepper powder and stir
7. let it heat until you smell the biryani
8. add tiny amount of coconut milk and coriander leaves and stir
9. let it heat until meat is cooked

Step C:

1. heat a separate cooking pot
2. place small amount of chicken biryani (thin layer)
3. layer it with some rice. (just enough to cover the first layer)
4. repeat steps#2-3 until done.
5. cover the potand let it heat for a while until rice is cooked
6. serve

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