Saturday, September 11, 2010

chicken adobo


black pepper powder
coriander powder (optional)
black pepper seeds
soy sauce (i suggest kikkoman)
oyster sauce (optional)
worcestershire sauce (optional)
chicken meat


1. heat some oil
2. add the garlic and after 3 seconds add the onions and stir
3. add the meat and stir from time to time until it's stale (or pale)
4. add some salt to taste
5. add pepper powder, coriander powder and stir
6. add some soy sauce and vinegar (the suggested ratio would be 3:1 depending how sour the vinegar is)
7. add some water and stir
8. repeat steps 4-5 if necessary. (note that it's better to make it a less salty or slightly lower your taste.. see step 11)
9. let it boil
10. add the black pepper seeds and stir
11. simmer for a few minutes until sauce becomes thick. Stir from time to time.
12. serve

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