Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pres. Gloria Arroyo V.S. Tiyo Pisto Guna

Personally, I don't want to vote for political candidates that are fond of sticking their nose to their neighbors, this would only tell me that they are not capable of doing their job and minding their own business. How can someone lead if he's so busy spying with his neighbors' activities? How can he do his job if he always thinks that he can do others' job better?

So tell me, is Tiyo Pisto 100% clean himself? Are they paid to investigate? Or are they paid by the citizens to lead? I want my money back!


  1. yeah, but hope other readers won't get this wrong. I didn't mean to say that no one has to correct somebody's mistake, but for sure it's not Tiyo Pisto's responsibility. :)