Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Philippine Election

What's your criteria for electing political candidates? With all the media reports and "paninira" of one politician to other politician, I know it's hard. All we hear about on the radio and TV stations are all negative impressions. So how can people vote for the right leader? Actually, it's very easy. It only takes a common sense to vote wisely.

Vote according to their good things done to the community, rather than based on the media or "paninira" of other politicians. We all know every politicians say bad things to their competitors every election time, it's very obvious.

So, list down all your candidates with their achievements. Whoever is on top, then we should vote for them.

Don't forget to let us know your bet. :)


  1. the bad things mentioned may not be "paninira"; they may be true. but still, let's vote according to the good things they've done to our country; otherwise, not one candidate is worth voting for.

  2. exactly! everyone has mistakes.. so let's see their bright side and vote for it!

  3. i think, other than the "achievements" or "good deeds" they've done to the community, i think it's also important that these politicians or we may call them noble leaders (supposedly) wouldn't have the attitude to become a monsters just to retain in power. most often this has been the issue(s) that most leaders encounter.

  4. yes yes of course.. but is there anyone on position right now who wants to be in position still and do nothing? I guess everybody who wants to still stay in position would turn out to be "monsters" or do anything just to stay, same as the others who wants the position to do anything (in this case pull down people above them) just to be in power. The BIGGEST question would be, who's the better person to replace? The "monster" or the "crab"? This is why it's better to rank them according to their achievements, everyone can be as bad as the others, but only few can do good to others. :)

  5. the thing i hate now in Philippine politics is that we only have very limited choices.

    we always end up just choosing the least "evil" among them, for thats our only option.... Its not much of a choice is it?

    by the way, i just put up a social/political commentary blog... I hope you guys take a look at it.